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Electrical Facts

Before you consider taking on electrical repairs or installation projects yourself, you should think carefully in terms of cost and safety and make sure you are familiar with facts related to electricity. Your attempts could actually cost you more in the long run, especially if something goes wrong.

When To Hire An Electrician?

  • For any new installation or remodeling job that requires electrical wiring.
  • If you are resetting circuit breakers on a regular basis, your circuits may be overloaded and need replacing.
  • When your lights are dimming when other appliances are turned on, there may be a drop in voltage, and a need for an electrician.
  • When your lights flicker or you smell an electric-type burning odor, wiring connections may be at fault causing arcing to occur.
  • If you overload outlets, run extension cords, or use many power outlets for your appliances, you should consider having additional outlets installed to prevent fire hazards.
  • Fear of doing an electrical project yourself is the best reason to hire an electrician - it will give you peace of mind and protect your home or business.

Types of GFCIs & Where To Install

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) outlets must be installed in any area where electricity and water could come into contact, including bathrooms, kitchens, basements, pools, spas, utility rooms, attached garages and outdoor areas.

The are three basic types of GFCIs:

  1. Receptacle - used in place of the standard outlet - protects against ground faults when electrical appliances are plugged in.
  2. Circuit Breaker - GFCIs installed in a panel box to protect select circuits - designed to shut off electricity in the event of a ground-fault, or will trip when a short circuit or an overload occurs.
  3. Portable - a plastic enclosure with plug blades in the back and receptacle slots in the front that plugs into an outlet receptacle - the electrical appliance is then plugged into the GFCI. Portable GFCIs allow flexibility when using receptacles not protected by GFCIs.

What Is An AFCI?

Certain electrical circuits require Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs) in order to meet ‘national electrical code’ requirements. An AFCI is a circuit breaker designed to prevent an electrical fire by disconnecting the power from a circuit when an unintended electrical arc is encountered. An example of an unintended electrical arc is a downed power line caused by storms or trees falling. For more information related to AFCI protection visit the AFCI Safety Organization.

Other Questions?

It is impossible to cover all questions related to electricity on this website. We are happy to address any other questions you may have. Please call us or send us an inquiry on our contact page.

Why Hire An Electrician?

An Electrician Means Safety

Electricity can be tricky and potentially dangerous. To avoid personal injury, it is important to have an experienced person installing or repairing electrical circuits. If a circuit isn't wired correctly, there is potential for fire, shock, or other electrical hazards.

An Electrician Must Be Licensed

Most electrical projects require a permit be obtained by local government; after which the project will be inspected to ensure it meets code. Having a licensed Electrician is a plus when it comes to the final inspection, as they are trained professionals that understand the standards and proper code. Electricians are rated (Apprentice ~ Journeyman ~ Master) depending on their level of education and experience.

An Electrician Is Cost-Effective

Improperly wired electrical circuits are not only unsafe, but can cause damage to appliance motors, electronic gears, computer equipment and other electronic devices – all of which could result in a costly mistake. A good electrician will guarantee his work, leaving you peace of mind that your expensive electronic devices are safe.

An Electrician Is Experienced

An experienced, reliable electrician can analyze and provide a solution to any installation or repair project in a timely manner, ultimately being more cost effective.